Why Having Our Improved Range of Evacuation Chairs is a Necessity

We live in an unpredictable and unstable world, one error can lead to a major crisis, for instance, an error during a building construction can lead to that building collapsing, and a mere cigarette butt in the wrong place can result in building fires. Crises sometimes emanate from natural factors such as floods and earthquakes, the flooding incidents in Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Durban China Mall fire are examples of some of the recent emergency crises witnessed. 

When a crisis occurs the rate of resultant casualties will depend on the preparedness of the property owners, property managers, safety managers, and/or employers of the people inside that building.

Preparedness for emergencies can never be overemphasized, there always has to be a reliable plan in place to safely evacuate everyone during emergencies. Mobility-impaired people are not able to take stairs during those emergencies which then calls for a need to have evacuation chairs. There is also a need to be certain that the evacuation chairs that you are using are the best ones to save people’s lives. 

Evac+Chair gathered customer feedback to understand how safe evacuations can further be improved. We have generated insight from the customers’ feedback, which we have combined with our experience to help us develop the best evacuation chairs available, the MK5.

The MK5 was designed and manufactured for everyone. The varying weight of passengers was taken into cognizance when manufacturing this new range. We made certain improvements to the chairs to carry more weight. The passengers will also be more distributed and comfortable during evacuations due to the repositioned chairs.

The MK5 can be operated by a single person even over uneven terrains without any harm to the passenger, there are however some MK5 chairs that come with features that allow for two-person operation when there is a need. The evacuation chair operator can easily access the user instructions which have step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow even during emergencies.

The aim of these improvements is to continue taking the pressure off those responsible for buildings occupants’ safety. 

Evac+Chair SA is the country’s most reliable evacuation provider. Follow our social media pages to learn more about the new MK5 range.


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