Evac+Chair has been trusted and relied upon to assist in saving people’s lives during emergencies for 40 years now. The brand’s experience in the manufacturing of evacuation chairs along with the insight drawn from customer feedback was used in designing the new and improved range of evacuation chairs; the MK5. 

The best just got better, the new and improved evacuation chairs are going to ease the process of ascending and descending mobility-impaired people during emergencies, and the designs were made with both the user and the passenger in mind. The MK5 range enhancements will apply to the 300H, 500H, and 600H series.

The improvements on the new range include:

  • A redesigned hammock and backrest for greater passenger comfort, 
  • A double-handed grip to enhance user operation, 
  • Enhanced safety belts for the reduction of wear and tear, 
  • Self-braking tracks to control smoothness and speed of descent, 
  • And other improvements to ensure smooth and stable transitions during emergencies.

During emergencies like fires and earthquakes, people, including those with mobility impairment, need to be safely evacuated. Since the lifts are not working during those incidents the process can be strenuous and can sometimes even cost lives, the enhancement on the new MK5 Evac+Chair range was strictly designed with that in mind. The MK5 was designed based on an understanding of the importance of having safe and quick means of evacuation for everyone, hence the new range will reduce the strain of ensuring that everyone is safely evacuated during emergencies. 

Emergency crisis calls for prompt responsive measures to ensure that every life is spared but without proper safety equipment such as quality evacuation chairs in place, saving lives might not be easy. Having evacuation chairs in place on your property is equivalent to having reliable insurance; although you are not guaranteed when you might need them, you are sure guaranteed security should you need them. 

Evacuation chairs are not only necessary for compliance with the amendment of the occupational health and safety Act, but they are necessary to ensure that access to your property goes beyond accessing the building and extends to accessibility during emergencies by making it possible for everyone to evacuate during live threatening emergencies. 

Evac+Chair will give you complete peace of mind knowing that you can safely evacuate everyone during emergencies.

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