Manage Load Shedding with EVAC+CHAIR

In recent weeks South Africa has had to endure increased load shedding times for a duration of more than two hours per day, which has not only caused irritation and frustration amongst many residents that stay here but also put a strain on the frail and hospice health care industry.  

Frail and hospice health care providers are actively taking care of individuals that require vital electronic medical equipment, such as oxygen machines, dialysis machines, relaying of information between staff members to family, power wheel chairs, scooters and most importantly the transportation of mobility impaired elderly from one place to another that involve stairs. 

According to T, Hicks 2022, the recent 2019 COVID pandemic has seen the frail care and hospice industry rise in a number of elderly patients who have become mobility impaired after surviving mild to severe cases of the COVID virus. Although individuals are only now slowly learning to walk again through rehabilitation facilities, there are still some individuals who are not so lucky and may be permanently mobility impaired for life. With load shedding hours being extended, daily health care providers now need to look at proactively providing solutions to help their patients in the face of an emergency where they need to be quickly and easily removed from any building at any time.

EVAC+CHAIR offers a wide range of solutions for this problem which include evacuation chairs that can be used in load shedding or an emergency to transport mobility impaired or disabled patients from one place to another. We also offer free demonstrations as well as a wide range of accessories that are compatible with the chair as well. Don’t wait to be left in the dark, and contact us today for your free quotation!  For more information visit

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