Evac+Chair – South Africa Wrap-Up 2022

As we wrap up the year and enter into the festive season, Evac+Chair would like to share some highlights for the month of November that took place. For National Disability Awareness Month Evac+Chair brought to light a campaign that more accommodations and considerations need to be made for persons with disabilities if an emergency or disaster had to take place. 

At Evac+Chair we understand that the lives of persons with disabilities can be vastly different from those of non-disabled people and that the steps taken to make them feel safe in the workplace and public places are not enough. We believe that more needs to be done for these individuals to feel as safe as possible during a crisis.

We believe that it is important for those who do not have disabilities to understand what it takes for someone with a disability to get prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster. This includes making sure they have all the tools necessary for their safety such as an Evacuation Chair. It also means making sure they have access to information on how best to prepare themselves before an emergency occurs (i.e.: what supplies they should have on hand). Here’s what our very own Co-owner and Managing Director of Evac+Chair had to say about disability and what it means to her.

“Disability awareness month means acknowledging and accepting those living with various disabilities. One of the ways we can raise awareness and improve the quality of life of those living with a disability is by ensuring that they are catered for and protected when they are faced with an emergency. Societies need to be more mindful by providing support to those with disabilities be it temporary or permanent by educating themselves and also by providing support”- Yvette Glass the Co-Owner and Managing Director of Evac+Chair

With that being said we hope that in future, legislation by the government can also be made so that in the event of an emergency, disabled people’s lives can be saved. 

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