The Secret behind EVAC+CHAIR's smooth glide over stairs

An interface of a specially modified endless belting to the two supporting rear carriages provides a smooth, continuously working brake/traction system that slows descent proportionally to the weight of the passenger. On landings, the geometry of the unit transfers all weight to the two main wheels for pivot turns and travel.


EVAC+CHAIR is delivered completely assembled.




Size Folded: 105cm x 52cm x 20cm"

Weight 10 kg Capacity 136kg

Tubing: Aluminium tubing and section to BS1474:1897

Restraints: non inertia 50mm webbed strap

Wheels: 15 cm  wide profile

Wall Mount: J-bracket and dust cover supplied

Maintenance: Refer to Annual Service Schedule

Training: Operation should be practiced during scheduled fire drills. Initial training and Illustrated operating instructions supplied.

Limitations: Unit is designed for use on straight fire stairs only with hard nosings and with gradients of between 28 and 39 degrees.