What to look for in an evacuation chair. 


The inventor, David Egen,  President, EVAC+CHAIR Corp.


First, make sure it’s light, strong and simple to operate.  Superfluous braking systems, overweight construction and multiple parts lists do not make an emergency tool that can be counted on.   Weight and complexity are to be avoided.


Evacuating an individual down fire stairs requires “control descent” that encourages speed to match traffic flow.  “Polymatic Traction”™ is the self- regulating speed governor feature of EVAC+CHAIR that enables the operator to speed up, slow down or stop on the stairs with smooth assurance and ease. Since its introduction in 1982, EVAC+CHAIR has gone through 5 major design revisions with minimal weight increase and little added complexity for major evolutionary improvement.   


For these reasons,  EVAC+CHAIR has remained the standard for building evacuation of the disabled since 1982.